A Special Request...

On behalf of Robb Edmonds' widow

Clark received the following note from Pat Edmonds:

"I have moved to Santa Rosa.  My daughter Cathy found this place for me.  I'm close to her and she comes for the weekend every couple of weeks.  I even get to see my grandkids and great grandkids.  This is a good place.  Robb would have enjoyed it with his sense of humor.  From what I hear, our Basha is falling apart.  I miss my sweetie so much, and I'm lonely.  I just take it one day at a time and pray.  You can put my address on the CBI internet site, maybe I would hear from someone.  Still don't have a computer.  Write if you want..."

Pat's address:

Pat Edmonds
2375 Range Ave #21
Santa Rosa CA 95403

From Clark:  I had the good fortune of meeting Pat and Robb at three of the All West reunions: Las Vegas, Scottsdale, and Denver.  You know, Robb gave and gave and gave of himself tirelessly to the CBI community, and I think this represents a chance for some of us to give back a little.  Why don't you see, if you have a chance, if you can drop Pat a line or two.  Maybe you'll develop a pen pal, who knows.  I spoke with her for about a half hour yesterday and she said she would love to hear from anyone from the CBI group, especially if they knew Robb or have anything to say about him.  Even if you didn't know him personally, and some of you don't, or didn't, you still knew him through his column.  Trust me, I am richer for having known and worked with him on the magazine for a few fleeting years.  He had a tremendous sense of humor and a self-deprecating personality, and I found him to be quite a charming man.  And he was still writing columns for the website like a madman up until the day he died.  So...if you please...let's give something back here, if we can.

Please and thank you.

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