WWII Memorial Photos - Washington, D.C.

Awesome.  Magnificent.  Visually stunning.  I could keep going, but I think you get the picture.  These are the first thoughts I have whenever I visit the WWII Veteran's Memorial in our nation's capital.  Which is as often as possible.

"Enjoying your freedom?  Thank a veteran."  That was a sticker on a piece of correspondence I recently received.  I feel that this Memorial is a truly magnificent thank you to the veterans who served and sacrificed in the biggest conflagration in world history.  It's just too bad it wasn't presented to the veterans and to the American public long before it was in 2004.  But I certainly feel it is a better late than never situation, and I'm using my freedom as an American citizen to serve up this pictorial presentation in lieu of the usual "CBI in Photography".  I don't think you CBI'ers should mind. You're there prominently on the water fountains of the Memorial.  See, you weren't forgotten.

-- Clark King

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