CBI-related Websites, Books, Organizations

Since the 60th anniversary of the end of WWII in 2005 brought the disbanding of many veterans' groups, and while the "hard-copy" magazines such as the Ex-CBI Roundup have ended their run, the advent of the internet has brought information on the CBI and WWII in general directly to our homes. The amount of information available has increased astronomically. There are countless books available online as well as many CBI and WWII websites available which include online forums where people can exchange information, ask and receive answers to questions related to specific areas of interest, and on and on. Some of these websites are specific to one unit while others are much broader in their coverage of the CBI.

Below is an Excel spreadsheet containing a bibliography of CBI-related books and movies compiled by Mr. Bradford Smith. This file has been scanned for viruses using McAfee Antivirus software and is deemed to be safe. It is recommended, should you download the file to your own computer, that you perform a virus scan to ensure the file's integrity. Should you encounter any problems with this file, please

CBI Bibliography - June 2005 - Mr. Bradford Smith, Berkeley, CA USA

Copies of the CBI Bibliography may be reproduced without permission for noncommercial purposes. Corrections, suggestions and additions are always welcome. Acknowledgement to Mr. Smith is appreciated.

Following is a sampling of CBI-related websites available on the internet. We encourage you to explore these sites and let the creators of these sites know that their efforts are appreciated. We continue to do all we can to ensure that, while magazines may fade with time, the legacy of the CBI veterans will never be forgotten and their service will always be honored.

6th Bomb Group

7th Bomb Group Association

7th Fighter Command Association

A Photo History of the 11th Bomb Squadron

17th Troop Carrier Squadron History

19th Bomb Group, USAAF in Australia during WW2

22nd Bomb Squadron Association

25th Air Service Group

27th Troop Carrier Squadron

29th Bomb Group - Official Site

35th Photographic Technical Unit

39th Bombardment Group [VH] Association

40th Bomb Group Association

40th Bomb Wing

48th Combat Support Hospital

118th Tactical Reconnaissance Squadron

124th Cavalry Regiment

124th Calvary Association

308th Bomb Group

308th Strategic Missile Wing

315th Bomb Wing

341st Bomb Group

386th Air Service Group

393d Bomb Squadron

444th Bomb Group Association

468th Bomb Group

504th Bomb Group, Tinian

509th Composite Group

509th Bomb Wing

509th Bomb Wing

The 1213 MP of the 10th Army Air Force in India and Burma (CBI) during World War 2

Air Force Communicators & Air Traffic Controllers Association (AFCOMMATC)  (formerly AACS Alumni Association)

Documents of interest available from AFHRA
Air Force Combat Units of World War II, edited by Maurer Maurer (1963)
   Part 1
   Part 2

Combat Squadrons of the Air Force - World War II, edited by Maurer Maurer (1969)
   Part 1
   Part 2

"The Tenth Air Force, 1942"; Herbert Weaver and Marvin A. Rapp (1944)

"The Tenth Air Force, 1 January-10 March 1943"; Herbert Weaver and Marvin A. Rapp (1944)

"The Tenth Air Force, 1943"; Herbert Weaver (1946)

"The Fourteenth Air Force to 1 October 1943"; Herbert Weaver and Marvin A. Rapp (1945)

"History of the Twentieth Air Force : Genesis"; James L. Cate (1945)

"Administrative History of the Ferrying Command, 29 May 1941 to 30 June 1942";
         Historical Branch, Air Transport Command (1945)

"Army Air Forces in the War Against Japan, 1941-1942"; E. Kathleen Williams (1945)

"Air Supply in the Burma Campaigns"; Joe G. Taylor (1957)

"Air Interdiction in China in World War II"; Joe G. Taylor (1957)

"Development of Aeromedical Evacuation in the USAF"; Dr. Robert F. Futrell (1960)
"Air-Sea Rescue, 1941-1952"; Frank E. Ransom (1953)

Documents of interest available from Air Force History Support Division

Air Force History Index

American Society of Military Insignia Collectors

Burma Banshees - The 80th Fighter Group

Burma Star Association

China-Burma-India Theater of World War II  (Mr. Carl Weidenburner, webmaster)

Chindits Special Force Burma 1943-1944  (Mr. Frank Young, webmaster)

Daniel Novak - CBI Photos

Emergency Rescue Squadrons

Flying the Hump

Flying the Hump, 1942-1945

Flying Tigers: American Volunteer Group

Glenn Hensley - CBI Photos

Imphal, The Hump and Beyond - U.S.A.A.F. Combat Cargo Groups of the Second World War


Merrill's Marauders Association

Merrill's Marauders: February - May 1944 (US Army Center of Military History)

National Museum of the United States Air Force

OSS Detachment 303 Story

Profiles in Penn History

Project 7A

Radio Intelligence in CBI

Records of the U.S. Army Forces in the China-Burma-India

Society of Oral History on Modern China

U.S. Army Corps of Engineers Home Page

United States Army Quartermaster Center and School

Pennís Base Hospitals in World Wars I and II | University Archives and Records Center

US Army Air Forces In WWII

US Army Center of Military History

U.S. Army Special Operations Command

USAAF/USAF Air Commando and Special Operations Units from WWII to 2002

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