A-26 Crash - Yankai, September 1945 (Part II)

By Mr. Marty Oxenburg
69th Depot Repair Squadron

A-26 Yangkai Crash - Continued

Fast forward to May 2008;

Since I began the search in 1997 to learn the names of the crew of three who were aboard the A-26, the search continued. Sometime in the first quarter of 2008 I asked the Editor, Clark King of the Ex-CBI Roundup to publish a letter regarding the search. So much time had passed since 1997, I didn't have much confidence in getting any response. In late May 2008 I received a call from out of the Blue Yonder; it was Lisa Froug-Hirano from Honolulu, Hawaii. Lisa was a subscriber to the Roundup and was responding to my article. Unbeknown to me, Lisa had been devoting her time in the search for information pertaining to those who served in WWll. Families and friends were trying to find information about sons, uncles who were killed or wounded, but had little to go on. Lisa helped by filling in the missing pieces.

Lisa had learned her way through the military networks containing the records pertaining to WWll. She began by saying that she found the records of the A-26 that crashed on October 4, 1945 at Yangkai, China. She learned the names of the crew (22nd BS, 341st BG), who were:

Pilot, 1st. Lt. Lynn C. Nordahl
Crew Chief, S. Sgt. Fred Garner (I previously had contacted Fred's wife)
Radio Operator, Sgt. Edmond Spencer

With further research Lisa directed me to a Noble Nordahl who turned out to be the son of Lt. Lynn, the pilot.

On Friday, June 16, 2008 I called Nobel and learned that he was the son of Lynn. Noble was not quite two when his Dad died. He has a younger sister, Linda White, who was nine months when her Dad died. The children had very little information about their Dad's death. I told Noble what I knew and mailed the records of the accident. He was glad that I had taken the time to locate family members.

We must continue to remind younger generations of the sacrifices that were made during WWII. Noble and his sister Linda and father Lynn never had the opportunity to know each other.

I wish to extend my appreciation to Gary Goldblatt, Administrator of an important CBI website (www.ex-cbi-roundup.com), Clark King, Jessie Reifsnyder, Lisa and others who helped the surviving families bring this tragedy to a closure.

In my conversation with Noble, he informed that the only survivor of the crash was Sgt. Edmond Spencer. Nobel's mother had contacted the Spencer family. We later learned that Edmond died in his early forties. As recently as August 2012, I remain in contact with Linda and Noble, the daughter and son of Lt. Lynn Nordahl. Lisa and I are in constant contact and we have become close and dear friends. Hope you enjoyed this read.

Marty Oxenburg
Formerly- 69th Depot Repair Squadron, 301st Air Depot Group, 14th Army Air Corps-Flying Tigers

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