Welcome to the home of the Ex-CBI Roundup online.  This website will eventually be the online respository of all issues of the Ex-CBI Roundup from December 1946 through July 2009.  This will be an ongoing effort and will, of course, take some time to accomplish as there were 600 issues of the Ex-CBI Roundup printed over the years.  But, we will get there!

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During the preparing of the page of issues from the 1940s, Mr. David Goldman discovered a mystery. For the first several years of publication, the Ex-CBI Roundup began it's publication year in December. So December 1946 would have been Vol. I, No. 1. Here is where the mystery starts:

May 1947 is Vol. I, No. 5, meaning that there were 4 issues prior to May. It was always assumed that the magazine in it's early years was published quarterly, and starting in 1948 this was indeed the case. Our dilema is, for which months prior to May 1947 were issues published?

We would be very grateful for any help anyone can provide. Thank you!

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